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Accessibility with DYNAMYA: Experts in Barrier-Free Websites According to BITV Guidelines

Why Accessibility? A Fundamental Right for All Users

The internet has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, yet not everyone has equal access. At DYNAMYA, we are committed to ensuring that every individual, regardless of physical or technical capabilities, has full access to digital information. Barrier-free websites are not just a legal requirement, but a mark of respect and inclusivity. Our implementation of the latest BITV guidelines ensures that no one is left out.

The New BITV Guidelines 2025: An Overview

The updated BITV (Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance) guidelines, effective from 2025 in Germany, set new standards for the accessibility of digital offerings. These regulations ensure that websites and mobile applications of public bodies must be accessible to everyone. The enhancements include improved accessibility for multimedia content, better support for assistive technologies, and clearer guidelines for navigation and information architecture.

Top 10 Criteria for Accessibility on a Website According to BITV 2025

  1. Text Alternatives for Non-Text Content: Ensure all images, videos, and audio files have clear descriptions.
  2. Media Control: Users must be able to control media content, including pausing, stopping, and managing volume.
  3. Contrasts and Color Schemes: High contrasts and the ability to adjust color schemes help users with visual impairments.
  4. Accessibility of Documents: All embedded or linked documents must be provided in formats accessible to screen readers.
  5. Navigability: Websites must be structured so that they can be easily navigated using various aids such as keyboards and screen readers.
  6. Readability: Using clear and simple language and the ability to adjust text size improves accessibility.
  7. Consistent Navigation: Uniformity of navigation elements across the website helps users orient themselves.
  8. Feedback and Error Messages: Clear feedback during interactions, especially in case of errors, is essential for all users to effectively use the website.
  9. Compatibility with Assistive Technologies: Websites must be compatible with a variety of technologies used by people with disabilities.
  10. Accessible Forms and Input Fields: Ensure all form fields are labeled and provide assistance.

Our Experience with Accessibility

DYNAMYA has extensive experience in developing websites according to BITV guidelines, particularly for public institutions. We have successfully accompanied the BIK BITV-Test, a recognized procedure for verifying the accessibility of web offerings. Our expertise in this area ensures that we not only meet the requirements but exceed them.

Technologies for Barrier-Free Websites

We implement barrier-free websites using WordPress or TYPO3, two of the most powerful content management systems that are ideally suited to meet the requirements of the BITV guidelines. Our deep expertise in both systems guarantees that every website we develop is not only legally compliant but also user-friendly and technically up-to-date.

Boost Your Visibility with a Barrier-Free Website

Barrier-free websites are not only an ethical mandate but also positively influence SEO rankings. Google and other search engines increasingly value user-friendliness, and an accessible website improves user interaction rates and dwell time, leading to better SEO performance and increased visibility.

Take the Next Step Towards Accessibility

Contact DYNAMYA to find out how we can make your website compliant with the latest BITV guidelines. Show your commitment to inclusivity and not only meet legal requirements but also enhance the user experience on your site.

Rely on DYNAMYA to make your digital presence an inclusive and fair platform for everyone. We look forward to working with you to create an accessible, successful website.

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